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Seven Hills


Just twenty minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip is a community called Seven Hills. Comprised of a number of neighborhoods, the Seven Hills community is a 1,300-acre enclave of nearly 3,000 homes. Taking its name from the origins of Ancient Rome, which were built upon seven hills, the Seven Hills community seeks to emulate the grandeur of Rome and its amazing architecture. Although you won’t find The Colosseum in the Seven Hills, you will find a number of Tuscan-inspired luxury homes, mansions, and premier estates.

Seven Hills Luxury Homes

The Seven Hills community has most of the amenities that you would expect to find in a luxury community in Las Vegas. First off is the Rio Secco Golf Course, which can be found in and around the exclusive Estates neighborhood. Designed by Rees Jones, the award-winning golf course is built upon 240 acres of natural, scenic landscapes, and it also includes a large facility for use by members and residents of the community. Aside from Rio Secco, Seven Hills also has a number of tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, and soccer fields for those who are into sports aside from golf. If you would just like to get some R&R, then you will enjoy the city parks, picnic areas, playgrounds, walkways, and bikeways scattered across the 25 neighborhoods of Seven Hills. Also, you can find commercial areas with shops and restaurants within and just outside of Seven Hills.

Seven Hills Real Estate

The prices, lot sizes, and types of homes that you will find in Seven Hills differ, depending on which neighborhood you are considering living in. In total, there are around 2,500 homes in Seven Hills, including luxury mansions, custom-designed homes, and single-family homes. In the Estates, which is the most exclusive neighborhood in Seven Hills, home prices range from about $800,000 to over $5,000,000.

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