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Las Vegas developer Rich MacDonald epitomizes the trend among wealthy baby boomers living in or moving to Southern Nevada: downsizing.

Summerlin, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the most well-known and luxurious residential communities across the nation. As a master-planned community, Summerlin is designed to provide practically any and all amenities that you would expect to find in the most prestigious and posh communities in the world. With more and more real estate developments cropping up in and around Las Vegas, Summerlin has become the benchmark for extravagance, quality, function, and beauty in a luxury community. Read on to learn more about Summerlin luxury real estate.

Summerlin Real Estate

Summerlin luxury real estate is divided into a total of 18 villages, but that number continues to grow as more and more developments continue to be added. These villages are further divided into neighborhoods, each with its own distinct style, layout, and real estate options. Depending on the village and neighborhood you look at, you will find homes in various styles including rustic-inspired looks, contemporary styles, traditional designs, and Mediterranean-inspired architecture. Most of the neighborhoods located in Summerlin luxury villages are guard-gated around the clock, providing security and privacy to homeowners.

Summerlin Homes for Sale

The main factor that sets Summerlin luxury real estate apart from the many other prestigious communities around the nation is its uncompromising attention to detail, beauty, and extravagance. The master-planned community is built along some of Nevada’s most breathtaking landscapes, with mountain ranges rising over 10,000 feet, canyons forming dramatic falls, and lakes, streams, and waterfalls that accent the desert landscape. Another great feature of Summerlin real estate is that many of these homes are built in and around world-class golf clubs, including some PGA Tournament Players Clubs. Furthermore, all of the neighborhoods are located nearby club houses with top-notch amenities, such as pools, spas, fitness centers, fine dining areas, sports facilities, and shops galore. Summerlin developers also did a good job of paying close consideration to nature. Instead of bulldozing the entire area and building over the landscape, they decided to build into the landscape, placing recreational areas, parks, walkways, trails, and bikeways all throughout Summerlin to accentuate the living landscape of Las Vegas.

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