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The Ridges Village

What if you found a home that had exactly what you needed in terms of amenities, cultivation, convenience and value?
A living experience that was as varied and peerless as your peers, and one that offered a unique residential experience that catered to multiple levels of taste and fulfilled all of them without compromise?

The Ridges was developed for exactly those types of needs.

The Ridges is an exclusive golf community – a gated collection of neighborhoods, some of whom nested within others, but all designed to bring together independent people with particular tastes who want to live near their peers. The Ridges offers a private residential experience that is unparalleled to any other in the community. The entire village is under 24 hour guard with mobile security units on continual patrol.

An Exceptional Golf Course for an Exceptional Society

Bear’s Best Golf Course is the focal point of The Ridges’ experience. From the incomparable imagination of Jack Nichlaus, master golfer and designer of courses around the world since the 1970s, comes 18 personally culled holes for more than 270 of his favorite creations and brought together to create literally a “best of” golf experience that must be played to be believed. Bear’s Best has been voted one of the “Best Places to Play” by Golf Digest and “Best Golf Course in Las Vegas” by the Las Vegas Review Journal. Some of the famous holes are from the PGA West Course, Cabo Del Sol, Castle Pines and Old Works among others, and some of the design elements have actually been transported from the area around the original courses to complete the vérité of the experience.

Design with the Landscape in Mind

The neighborhoods that make up The Ridges’ were conceived according to taste, but all with the aim of creating a rich living experience inside the home and out. The architecture has been varied to allow for both custom and semi-custom design and individuality of taste. Extraordinary care has been taken to take full advantage of the natural topography of the location, which makes for more efficient use of land and for a more refined residential experience. Many homes are set up off and at varied distances and angles from the street so as to offer not just breathtaking views from above, but the sense that one lives in a one of a kind place, because you do! The Ridges artful use of space allows for a surprisingly singular living experience, because homes crafted from the environment avoid the tedious repetition of so much other luxury housing.


The “Neighborhoods” of The Ridges

The divisions that make up The Ridges community have been specially designed for specific tastes, with varying sized lots and degree of customization.

The Pointe at The Ridges

The thirteen properties that make up the Pointe are the choicest of The Ridges community. The Pointe occupies views of the Las Vegas area and surrounding mountains that only several other developments offer. Prices here range from $5,000,000 to the sky’s the limit! At least one property here has had an offer of nearly $30,000,000. Where it will go nobody knows.

Promontory at The Ridges

The first of The Ridges communities, one of Promontory’s chief features, like that of the Pointe, is the spectacular view of everything from the Vegas Strip to the Bear’s Best Golf Course to the natural mountain vistas to the west. The neighborhood has its own amenities like meticulously designed walkways and private parks which capitalize on the start beauty of the Nevada desert. Lot sizes range from ¼ acre to ¾ acres with floor area ranging from 3,000 feet to about 20,000 square feet.

Topaz Ridge at The Ridges

Topaz Ridge is set on the southern and eastern edges of Bear’s Best Las Vegas golf course, and you don’t have to be told that the view is incomparable! The most distinguished aspect of Topaz is the one story family homes built on larger plots of ½ acre to 1 acre, and feature more outdoor kitchens and courtyards than other homes in the development. Prices range from $800,000 to $2,000,000.

Arrowhead at The Ridges

Located dead center of the community is Arrowhead, situated on the eastern and western edges of Bear’s Best, and catering to those who prefer lateral space. Arrowhead parcels are a bit larger on average than others in The Ridges, none of which are less than 2/3 of an acre and appeal to those who prefer a sprawling ranch style residence, as opposed to “building upward.” These properties are perfect for families who appreciate the extra outdoor space, but crave privacy.

Rimrock at The Ridges

At design time it was decided that only 21 home sites would be permitted for this neighborhood of The Ridges. As you might expect, houses are larger here and offer a living experience that is spacious and private, yet intimate. Rimrock homes are situated in the foothills to the west of the metro area and Bear’s Best, and they have some of the best views of the golf course. Rimrock residents have easy access to Club Ridges, a private clubhouse and fitness center otherwise only available to members.

Boulder Ridge at The Ridges

Designed by none other than multi-award-winning architect Christopher Homes is Boulder Ridge. This community is located on the western edge of The Ridges, which means the view in that direction is unobstructed and all the more breathtaking. All homes are semi-customizable with flexible floorplans, but come with assistance from professionals throughout the process to make sure no details have been overlooked. The result is a semi-custom home that may as well have been 100% customized. Boulder Ridge homes range from 4,000 square feet to 6,000 square feet and start at over $1,500,000.

Redhawk at The Ridges

Architecture in Redhawk is contemporary and all with the great views that The Ridges is famous for, many of which overlook the golf course. Redhawk homes range from one to three story models, with floorplans between 6,000 and 10,000 square feet and come on lots between one-third acre and one full acre.

Falcon Ridge

Falcon Ridge is super convenient to Club Ridges the Summerlin fitness center that all Ridges residents may attend. Views of the mountain and the Strip are outstanding The number of homes has been limited to 61 and prices range between 2,500,000 and $7,500,000.

Fairway Pointe

For those who simply want to downsize from a big family home, those who live elsewhere but want second home in Las Vegas, or those who know they will be working Las Vegas for an extended but definite amount of time and would prefer to invest than rent, this Ridges real estate option, Fairway Pointe is made for you. You don’t have to make the hard trade-off between luxury, ambience and size if you move here.




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