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It’s All Greek to Me!

The summer is here and it is vacation season!  Who doesn’t like to enjoy some relaxing time on a beach?  I recently returned from Mykonos, Greece where I soaked up some sun and recharged the batteries so I can be at the top of my game the 2nd half of this wonderful year in luxury home real estate.  I enjoyed a day trip to Delos Island, the 2nd most significant archaeological site in Greece.  The island was inhabited in 2000 BC.  Many of the ruins uncovered were luxury homes!  Yes, in 600 BC Delos Island had luxury homes complete with Grecian columns, mosaic tile floors, atriums, bathrooms with sewage systems and for a select view – even a 2 story luxury home!  This was a great contrast to luxury homes in Las Vegas where 20 years old can seem ancient.  At least we have taken luxury to a new level with home theaters, wine cellars, home gyms, bowling alleys and 5 plus car garages.  One thing luxury homes will never have in Las Vegas is that beautiful view of the ocean.  For that, we have vacations!

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