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Luxury Homes in The Ridges Las Vegas

Posted by Kenneth Lowman on July 15, 2019
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I have been selling luxury homes in The Ridges Las Vegas since 2003 and I have witnessed many changes in the market over that time period.  From 2003 until about 2010 the Tuscan style was wildly popular and even though The Ridges design guidelines spelled out desert contemporary there were many Tuscan or near Tuscan custom homes built.  After 2010 the style shifted towards contemporary and modern homes.  Now I see the Las Vegas luxury home market will pay a nice premium for a modern home that is well done.  Many times, the Tuscan home built around 2007 or so will languish on the market as buyers just don’t want the style or the project of a home renovation.  If you are looking to sell your Tuscan custom home in Las Vegas make an appointment with Luxury Homes of Las Vegas and we will discuss our “Tips for modernizing your Tuscan home.”

Time and time again, we are getting real estate sales results in communities like The Ridges Las Vegas!

Luxury Homes in The Ridges Las Vegas

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