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New QR codes for luxury home marketing

Posted by Kenneth Lowman on May 29, 2011
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Have you noticed the square bars in magazine advertisements lately?  They look like square bar scanner codes.  These are QR codes or Quick Response codes.  They are free to create through various websites (try or  When scanned by a smart phone camera (and with one of many free QR code apps) the user is directed to a destination URL on the web.  Real estate practitioners are finding this a useful tool to direct consumers to their website and to specific luxury home properties on their websites.  I have begun to use QR codes in magazine advertisements featuring Luxury Homes of Las Vegas and on real estate for sale signs on luxury estate homes.  QR codes can be an intriguing leave behind on the back of a business card, a great directional tool on yard signs, an excellent appeal to the GenY crowd and can impress luxury home sellers!  Look for more QR codes in the future by Luxury Homes of Las Vegas.

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