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The Real Estate Sky is NOT Falling!

Posted by Kenneth Lowman on October 27, 2008
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The real estate sky is NOT falling! The Las Vegas economy has weathered downturns in the past, and although this one may be the most severe we have had, we have a resilient community and we will persevere and come out of this stronger and smarter than before. What can we all do to help? Continue to make wise and prudent purchases. Recognize that your home is your shelter and we all need shelter. Shop locally owned businesses and stores that will cycle money back into our local economy. Don’t give in to the “doom and gloom” mentality. It will take time for a recovery to take form, but eventually it will. Our capitalist American society is not going to disappear. Learn from the experience and make better decisions in the future. Working together we can all begin to rebuild our great local Las Vegas economy. This in turn will strengthen our Las Vegas luxury real estate market.

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