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The Ridges Las Vegas

Posted by Kenneth Lowman on June 10, 2019
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I continue to lead luxury home sales in The Ridges Las Vegas. I have been a resident of The Ridges since 2016 and I start my daily routine with a workout at resident only Club Ridges fitness center or a mountain bike ride on the Bear’s Best trails to the west of The Ridges. Living where you sell offers many advantages! I get to know the homes and owners in more intimate details. I can offer the buyers insights that only a resident would know. Specializing in a neighborhood like The Ridges Las Vegas leads to better service for the luxury home seller and buyer. Already this year I have again sold the highest priced luxury home in The Ridges to date, the highest number of luxury home sales, and continue to innovate with the best marketing to find local, national and international luxury home buyers.

Come and see if The Ridges Las Vegas is the next place for you to call home.

The Ridges Las Vegas

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