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The Top 3 Restaurants in Las Vegas

Posted by Kenneth Lowman on June 5, 2013
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I usually talk about the top Luxury Neighborhoods in Las Vegas and The Ridges always comes to the top of the list. As a matter of fact, Forbes magazine ranks The Ridges as one of America’s top communities to live in. But one can’t truly experience Luxury Living unless there are good luxury amenities nearby. When it comes to restaurants and fine dining, Las Vegas is world class!

When most people visit Las Vegas they might think of having an enjoyable week or two of friendly gambling, a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon, doing some Black Canyon rafting or maybe even checking out the Valley of Fire. Of course you’re going to both need and want to eat and in that regard Vegas has never disappointed visitors, or anyone living in the city for that matter.

What you may not know (as a resident of or visitor to the city) is that Las Vegas is quickly building a formidable reputation for itself as the home of fine dining on the west coast of the United States. In fact some of the most famous chefs from NYC eateries are abandoning their posts to come to the Entertainment Capital of the World instead – including many familiar celebrity chefs!

As of the end of 2012 Las Vegas can boast of having four 5-Diamond restaurants which include the following: Joel Robuchon, Le Cirque, Picasso and Restaurant Guy Savoy. In fact the fine dining scene in Las Vegas has become so popular that you’d better either know somebody working in the restaurant itself or be prepared to book your table well in advance of when you plan on actually dining. Las Vegas still has a lot to offer people looking for entertainment or food on a budget but when you’re eating at a 5-Diamond restaurant you can expect your tip to be the equivalent of a family of 4 people would normally spend on their entire meal. That’s not designed to discourage you but your budget should definitely match your expectations.

The reality is that Las Vegas still has a thriving economy and the consistently healthy value of luxury properties in the area is proof of this; there’s a lot of money in this city and it’s now attracting not only the very best chefs in the world but their gourmand fans are joining them in droves also.

Remember the restaurants you need to check out are:  Joel Robuchon, Le Cirque, Picasso and Restaurant Guy Savoy – make a note of them! And make a note of Ken Lowman and Luxury Homes of Las Vegas when it comes to Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate!

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