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Things I Wish I Had Done

Posted by Kenneth Lowman on August 16, 2008
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I wish I had invested in Microsoft Stock when it went public in 1986. I wish I had not used that Mickey Mantle baseball card my father gave me on the spokes of my bike. I wish I had taken that trip to Europe right before college. I wish I had bought all the land I could on the Las Vegas strip when it selling for $1,000,000 per acre just 14 years ago.

Don’t make the next missed wish, “I wish I had bought a luxury home when it was a Buyer’s market.”

Consider all the positive events happening in Las Vegas. Openings approach for Encore, City Center and many other huge Hotel/Casino projects. 5,000 people a month continue to move to Las Vegas. We still have the best state tax rate (zero) in America. We have great weather, great shopping, great entertainment, great dining, a 24/7 city and easy access from all parts of America. Real estate is cyclical. The Buyer’s market won’t last. If you are looking in the Las Vegas luxury real estate market, take action now and don’t miss another one of those big wishes.

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