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Tone Up Your Negotiations

Posted by Kenneth Lowman on September 14, 2009
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Luxury Home negotiations are more favorable in an atmosphere of mutual cooperation with an emphasis on strategies over tactics; however, it’s still good to have a few tricks of the trade. Here are nine tips that might help stall a tough negotiation:

1. Negotiate small points first to build on agreement and assess the other party’s style.

2. Chip away and gain by slowly getting agreement on many points. This can wear down the other side and get concessions at the end just to complete negotiations. 3. If you reach an impasse, take a break.

4. Try again – if a price is rejected, try again by making the same counter price.

5. Use the silent treatment. The other party will often get nervous and reveal their true position.

6. Offer tit for tat. When you give something up, get something in return.

7. Present options in pairs so the other party always has a choice.

8. Act – using a flinch or winch such as “wow” or “gosh” to over-react to an unreasonable position.

9. Never give up. Don’t walk away too soon. Try providing new information.

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