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Unintended Consequences

Posted by Kenneth Lowman on October 28, 2013
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The recent government shut down brought many unintended consequences, one of which was, a slowdown in the luxury home sales market.  The events played out in the media and the uncertainty of what would happen if the government defaulted on its debt gave luxury buyers a reason to hesitate and a lack of confidence.  I honestly felt the Las Vegas luxury home market was acting like the week before Christmas.  I even thought of taking my phone into my cell phone provider to make sure it still worked!  Fortunately, the crisis was averted and the government reopened.  We now see the luxury home market returning to a more normal pace.  That being said, I sure would not want to see our country go through this again.  Let your local politician hear how bad this event was for America and how unintended consequences arise when they don’t do their jobs.  At Luxury Homes of Las Vegas, our team is working diligently to make the rest of this year like the first half of the year, our best year ever in luxury home sales!

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