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What is the luxury home Buyer searching for?

Posted by Kenneth Lowman on August 7, 2011
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The Las Vegas luxury home buyer can have discriminating tastes and high standards in their luxury home search.  What are they really searching for?  I find it interesting to note what terms they search for on the internet.  This, of course, can be valuable information as we constantly optimize our website, for buyer luxury home searches.  The number one search term is Las Vegas Luxury Homes.  Naturally, we have the number one Google ranking for this term and many of it’s variations.  Next up is The Ridges Las Vegas.  This is the most popular and affluent high-end luxury home neighborhood in Las Vegas today.  It is fairly well known and therefore a starting place in searches.  Again, we are ranked number one in a Google search for this term and many of it’s variations.  I often find that a luxury home buyer will start their search in The Ridges, knowing how popular The Ridges is, but they will end up purchasing in another comparable million dollar neighborhood.  The third most popular search term is Million Dollar Homes Las Vegas.  This was a surprise at first, but after realizing that many out of state buyers do not know Las Vegas neighborhoods, what else would they start their search with?  We are number one in a Google search for this term as well.  Analysis of and reaction to data like this keeps us at the forefront of finding Las Vegas luxury home buyers for our luxury listings and clients!

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